Children recognised as guarantee for our future are open groups for mental and physical abuse because of their vulnerable structures. Due to the delicate structures they have, they are relatively easy to navigate to crime. It is obvious that children are used in many scenes from armed conflicts to drug trafficking, organ trafficking and beggary. The abuse of children in this way presents a great danger to the future of societies. The issue of protecting children is therefore one of the issues to which society should pay maximum attention. At the forefront of protection measures that can be provided for the protection of children and their rights is the adoption of legally required measures and the development of relevant legislation.

The 2nd International Child Congress organised by French Academy of Science and E-Journal of Law will be held on December 3-6 2019 in Paris/France. The Congress aims to bring academics, educators, lawyers and other practitioners who would like to make contributions to the field.

This year’s theme for the congress will be “Digital Citizenship“.